Helping Mankind One Tweener at a Time

For a very long time there was no answer to the age-old question – one button or two? That was until John O’Donnell came along and saved the world from a major wardrobe crisis by creating our fan favorite, Tweener Button®.


Regardless of whether we like to admit it or not, men have always been interested in how they dress… mainly, in an effort to look and feel attractive. A large part of this mental process is the dilemma around how much skin to show in a buttoned shirt. Too buttoned-up feels stuffy, while too unbuttoned feels over-exposed. But what’s even more important than how it makes us feel, is that it’s actually been proven (in a real national survey) that women also have strong opinions (no surprise there) about what our team at Ingram Insurance calls, “the right amount amount of wolf.”


So what IS the optimal amount of wolf to show when wearing a traditional button-down shirt? It’s the perfect combination of looking classy, yet casual, and there’s no other way to accomplish that than with the Tweener Button®. In the national survey women ranging in ages between 18 and 55 were asked to rate the attractiveness of men wearing button-down shirts. The women consistently rated men using the Tweener Button more “attractive” as well as “sexy and cool” compared to men in the same button-down without the Tweener Button® activated.


There’s not much more to it than that. We know we’ve solved a major issue, and for that, you are very welcome. But be warned, once you activate your Tweener Button®, you’ll never want to go back.

Web Story - The Patented Tweener Button